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What is IBM WebSphere MQ Online Training

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Middleware : 

Software that facilitates exchange of data between two application programs within the same environment, or across different hardware and network environments.
As shown in below diagram, conceptually, middleware resides between the application layer and the platform layer (the operating system and underlying network services.

Message-oriented middleware (MOM):

MQ Online Training It is software or hardware infrastructure supporting sending and receiving messages between distributed systems. 

MOM allows application modules to be distributed over heterogeneous platforms and reduces 
the complexity of developing applications that span multiple operating systems and network protocols 

MQ: Messaging and Queuing

Message queuing is a method of program-to-program communication. Programs within an
application communicate by writing and retrieving application-specific data (messages) to/from
queues, without having a private, dedicated, logical connection to link them.
Messaging means that programs communicate with each other by sending data in messages and not by calling each other directly.

Queuing means that programs communicate through queues. Programs communicating through queues need not be executed concurrently.
MQSeries is an IBM implementation of MOM , MQSeries applications (local or remote) communicate by putting messages on queues and by taking messages out from queues by using Message Queue Interface (MQI) and MQSeries API.
A message from a sending application is placed on a queue, where it then waits for a signal that receiving queue is ready to accept it.
Maintaining the messages queues, the relationships between programs and queues, handling network restarts and moving messages around the network is under responsibility of MQSeries

Advantages of WebSpehere MQ:

Common application programming interface
Assured message delivery
Time-independent processing
Application parallelism.
Asynchronous / Synchronous messaging support.
Faster application development.
Independent Operating system.
Point-to-point messaging
Publish and subscribe messaging
Request and reply messaging
Persistent and non-persistent messages
Asynchronous Messaging - Eliminates time dependency between applications.
Loosely coupled Architecture - Applications can be developed independent of each other
Applications can communicate independent of platform and the technologies
Assured and one time message delivery
Communication can be secured using one-way or two-way SSL.
Message Driven processing.(Triggering)

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